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Agility is the need of the hour, given a choice what is to be achieved by design has to be successful in the first attempt itself. We are living in a challenging and competitive business environment, organizations have to address the pertinent need for validating the design of product & processes virtually before implementing for actual deployment. This capability inside an organization will help in innovating faster and mitigate risk of cost overrun. Computer simulation/Virtual prototyping is a software-based engineering discipline which involves modelling a system, simulating and visualizing its behaviour under real-world operating conditions, and refining its design through an iterative process. 


Phygital is going to be the new normal. Organisations are looking for technologies and services that blurs the line between real and virtual. Phygital is evolving as one of the main pillar of digital transformation initiatives that's been discussed in a boardroom / CXOs conferences.

We are providing 3D walk-through animation that would really enhance your project and take it to another level adding great value at least in CONTENT & COMMUNICATION in digital business model. For the past few years, real estate companies & suppliers worldwide have used 3D virtual walk-through to differentiate their real estate services/offerings and bring the concept of a 24/7 virtual open house into the mainstream. The more we think about it and evaluate, there are many industries, not only limited to real estate, that could extract value such as co-working space, offshore development centers, hospitality, construction, contact centers, data centers.

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AR/VR/XR/IoT are next generation technologies, commonly known as  Industry 4.0 tools. It is the next medium of communication driven by 3D digitiligation, mobility, smart devices and increasing availability of low

latency internet connectivity. AR/VR/XR brings a new dimension with the IoT's ability to connect and leverage digital information from various other physical devices. With the help of specialized software tools/Apps and hardware AR/VR/XR overlays digital content seamlessly into the real world. With its ease of use and unique user experience AR/VR/XR enables the entire gamut of functions like R&D, manufacturing, production, field services and training. 

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Deltron is no ordinary engineering solution provider. It has been conceived by technocrats sharing an experience of more than 30 years among them. We aspire to provide best-in-class digital solutions & automation technologies which will not only help customers in making their design and business processes lean, efficient & measurable but also address the most crucial tenant i.e. to increase productivity with enhanced quality and future proof their business. We aspire to partner with the world’s leading solution providers /technology OEMs, and we can boast of an unparalleled industry network and ecosystem partnership.


In addition to offering world class product & services for computer aided solutions (CAD-CAM-CAE) in design & manufacturing, we also offer ultra-advance solutions for Industry 4.0 technologies such as 3Dscanning/AR/VR/Virtual Prototyping and IoT. 3D scanning is digitally capturing the shape of the object using laser light/structured light to get a digital representation of the real object. 3D scanners are able to measure really fine details and capture free-form shapes to generate highly accurate point clouds. The output data from 3D scanning is typically used for Reverse engineering, dimensional quality checks, 3D printing, AR/VR applications.


Digital transformation is evolving at a greater pace primarily targeting productivity gain, enhanced quality and optimized resource consumption. The first generation of innovation in digital solutions has peaked and there is growing void in innovative solutions keeping up with the pace. Deltron promoters have grown with this evolution and very much appreciate the evolving needs coupled with vision for future technologies. Keeping in view of this need we would be exploring best of breed solutions in AR/VR, Digital Twin,IoT, Robotics, Automated Quality control, IT Infrastructure & data science domain and offer same to our clients.


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How a women’s self-help group engaged in preserving & promoting the culture of Mithilanchal, a region based in Bihar, India, taking this region's traditional art work Mithila Art to global stage by there sheer determination, collaboration and hard work. Effort of this group is also bolstering the income of women in rural area in addition to giving them their due recognition. Mithilakriti Hub brings to the world, the art and culture of Mithila.
Every wall/painting depicts something exceptional. You see creativity as well as the art, reflected in these paintings. This self help group deal with Mithila painting products like hand-made painting work on Walls, Sarees, Kurtis, Gents Kurta, Scarf, T-shirt, Tie, Bed Covers, Cups and more.

Preeti Thakur is leading the group and helping women in rural area in transforming their lives. Your support could make a significant difference in the efforts of this group to pursue it with vigor. 




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